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Haliden Oriental Carpets

Trading in Bath since 1988, Craig Bale and Andy Lloyd of Haliden have earned an international reputation for offering rare and exciting antique oriental rugs and old tribal weavings. They are veterans of many of the worlds textile-art based shows including ACOR, ICOC, The San Francisco and L.A Tribal art shows and the prestigious Hali fair in London.

They now offer a large range of modern rugs with an eye towards the unusual and emphasis on quality at all prices. They have a fresh approach to the business and can offer a range of floor coverings from early antique Persian carpets and rare collectable Turkmen and tribal rugs to super - contemporary, modern and traditional products.

About this web site: was the UK's first web site specializing in traditional and antique carpets, old tribal carpets and Persian rugs and is today one of THE most active sites of its kind. Many of the world's most distinguished dealers and collectors are regular visitors to this site.

This site showcases our online inventory of antique, collectable and old decorative oriental rugs in addition to contemporary, modern or traditional hand knotted area rugs.

Cleaning and repair

Having your oriental carpets cleaned regularly is important if you wish to keep them moth free and looking their best. Washing removes grit and other debris from deep inside the pile, these debris act as an abrasive and left untouched, can cause damage to fibres thus reducing its useful life. Stained and dirty carpets are attractive to female moths as a place to lay eggs, the larvae from these eggs can cause serious damage that is expensive or impossible to put right.
At Haliden, we take cleaning seriously, in our own, fully equipped workshop, where possible, we offer an eight stage cleaning process that ensures truly clean and dust free carpets.


1 Pre-cleaning inspection. At this stage we examine your carpet, carefully determining fiber content, dye stability, testing for fugitive dyes when necessary and noting any underlying condition issues, such as white knots, arbrash, bleeding, staining or pile or foundation issues.

2 Dust and dry soil extraction using our industrial Rug Badger beating machine/grids and powerful vacuum cleaners. This step is the most labor intensive and important part of the process. It is imperative to remove dry soil before any wetting can take place. This prevents particulate matter forming a cement like substance at the base of the knots and allows for effective washing. Woolen carpets can hold up to a pound of dirt per square foot, which contains skin cells, moth eggs and sand among other things. This process is the biggest difference between your fitted carpet cleaner and your specialist, it is noisy, dusty and should never be carried out in situ.

3 Whenever possible, after fully wetting out your carpet with softened water, it is treated with a specialist detergent, normally Chemspec Oriental Rug shampoo. Smaller or more fragile pieces are worked with very soft brushes in our purpose made tank, for larger carpets we use a low speed Orbis rotary machine to gently agitate the pile, producing silky white foam. The carpet is turned and the process repeated on the back. Fringes are treated with a specialist when required. This is regarded as the very best technique in terms of dirt and stain removal. However this is not always suitable. For rugs with particularly fugitive dyes, they are surface cleaned with a lower pH detergent, first treating with a dye stabilizing solution.

4 Your carpet is now thoroughly rinsed out, front and back with many litres of softened water until all traces of detergent are removed. This is important to prevent rapid re-soiling.

5 Your carpet is now ready for water extraction. This is normally carried out in our specialist centrifuge which spins at 2500 RPM, after a few minutes the carpet is removed and is only slightly damp. For larger carpets or carpets with condition issues, we use a Sabre three phase industrial vacuum couple with the latest rug sucker tools from America.

6 Your carpet is now ready for drying. Whenever possible it is hung over poles on our drying tower, using fans, gentle heat and an industrial dehumidifier, it is normally bone-dry within 24 hours. Weavings with fugitive dyes are dried flat and face down to avoid dye migration and wicking.

Restoration and Conservation

We offer a complete range of conservation and restoration services, from small fringe repairs to complete re-weaves.

Most minor repairs are carried out by Gitte Bruhn at our shop in Bath. Trained at Lannowe Textiles and now with over 25 years' experience, Gitte is very highly skilled and regarded by many as the UKs top conserver. For larger works we use a team of Iranian restorers in London and have access to top workshops in Turkey and Iran, where we can achieve really incredible results.

We can also mount tapestries and other textiles onto stretcher frames and are specialists at conserving large kilims and needlepoint carpets such as Aubusson, Portuguese and other European decorative works.


By far the most common work is conservation of ends and sides. End finishes and side cords wear over time, before breaking, at this point, knots start falling off the structure and disappearing up the vacuum cleaner!

The trick is to have these areas conserved before this happens. Side cords are made good and re-wrapped and ends are stripped back to the nearest good weft and are either blanket stitched or interlined, depending on what type of rug it is. This work typically costs £50 per meter, though super fine or particularly tough rugs can be more.

All other projects are quoted on a job by job basis, and require thorough examination before pricing, although it is often possible to provide a ball park figure from images if required. We have worked on thousands of weavings over the years including some of the most important examples in every genre. All works supervised by us and guaranteed to be of the highest quality highest quality.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me personally. I am always on hand to offer free advice on all hand woven weavings.


Haliden Oriental Carpets

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